Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) In Ohio

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PHP addresses a wide range of mental health and addiction disorders and, among other issues, the program is effective in treating:

  • Drug or alcohol abuse or addiction
  • Stress
  • Trauma
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Depression disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Mental health symptoms accompanied by substance use

What Is A Partial Hospitalization Program in Ohio?

A Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is an outpatient program that offers medical attention and detox support to people struggling with addiction while they attend intensive therapy sessions.

Many people attend PHPs as a more affordable alternative to residential treatment, or as a stepping stone from residential treatment to other levels of outpatient care.

PHPs are ideal for people with a safe and stable home to return to each day that is conducive to their recovery, and a reliable form of transportation to and from the treatment center.

About The Leora Partial Hospitalization Program in Ohio

At Leora, we recognize the importance of offering a continuum of care to everyone who works with us. A one-size-fits-all approach to recovery is outdated and we pride ourselves on providing customized treatment plans that meet your unique needs and circumstances.

Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is the most intensive level of outpatient care that we offer. People who attend our PHP may continue living at home and travel to our treatment center 7 days a week if necessary.

Anyone struggling with a substance use disorder and or a mental health issue will be able to receive the medical treatment they require, with a focus on improving their physical and psychological well-being.

Who Can Benefit From a Partial Hospitalization Program in Ohio?

Partial Hospitalization Programs are a good fit for people who are struggling with addiction and or mental health issues but do not need 24/7 support.

PHPs are not appropriate for people in need of serious medical attention or in the advanced stages of addiction. PHPs offer you the flexibility and comfort of living at home or in a sober living home while also providing a high level of structure and accountability.

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If you’ve just completed a residential treatment program and are looking for the next step, or are looking for something more intensive than attending therapy on your own, reach out to Leora today.

Our dedicated therapists are here to facilitate your healing and are committed to providing you with the guidance you need in a safe, supportive environment.

We offer tailored treatment plans that include one-on-one and group therapy sessions and are here to help unlock the tremendous potential within each human being.

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Leora Behavioral Health offers a comprehensive addiction treatment program to help you get your life back on track. Our trained professionals will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your unique needs. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, reach out to Leora Behavioral Health today.

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