Outpatient Addiction Treatment In Ohio

What Our Outpatient Substance Abuse Programs In Ohio Treat

We offer specialized outpatient treatment programs to meet your individual needs through each phase of recovery. We treat the following substance use disorders:

  • Drug Addiction: Whether you’re addicted to illicit or prescription drugs, your treatment plan will be personalized to meet your unique challenges.
  • Alcohol Addiction: Alcohol addiction is a complex condition that can disrupt your life in many different ways. We’ll help you put the pieces back together.
  • Co-Occuring Mental Health Disorders: Substance use disorder is a complex condition that is many times associated with other mental health issues. We deal with substance abuse while also addressing underlying issues and causes for addiction..

Sometimes, people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol also have other mental health issues, like depression or anxiety. If you struggle with co-occurring disorders, we can help. Our team will ensure your treatment plan addresses all of your concerns.

What Is An Outpatient Program in Ohio?

We offer two levels of outpatient care: intensive outpatient and outpatient programs. A long-term approach to recovery recognizes the value of having ongoing professional support so that you are prepared to meet the challenges that life brings your way.

Inpatient treatment is the first step to building a solid foundation for your recovery journey, and outpatient treatment provides the structure to help you stay sober and thrive while you go about your everyday life.

About The Leora Outpatient Program in Ohio

At Leora, we recognize the importance of offering a continuum of care to everyone who works with us.

An outpatient program is a practical next step after attending an intensive outpatient program, where you have already gained valuable skills and guidance to help you succeed on your recovery journey, one day at a time.

You’ll attend individual and group therapy sessions at our outpatient program as well as skill-building sessions, but with less of a time commitment than our intensive outpatient program.

Who Can Benefit From An Outpatient Program in Ohio?

Our outpatient program is ideal for someone who is working, studying, or taking care of their family, and would like a structured program that helps them make progress on their recovery journey while they continue to live at home.

If you are struggling with substance use, experiencing intense drug cravings, and feel that your life is unmanageable, a residential program will be more beneficial for you at this time. Our professional therapists can assess your current situation and recommend the level of treatment that is right for you.

Reach Out To Leora Today To Start An Outpatient Treatment Program In Ohio

If you’ve just completed a residential treatment program and are looking for the next step, or are looking for something more intensive than attending therapy on your own, reach out to Leora today.

Our dedicated therapists are here to facilitate your healing and are committed to providing you with the guidance you need in a safe, supportive environment.

We offer tailored therapeutic treatment plans that include one-on-one and group therapy sessions and are here to help unlock the tremendous potential within each human being. Contact Leora today to get immediate help and start the journey to better health.

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Leora Behavioral Health offers a comprehensive addiction treatment program to help you get your life back on track. Our trained professionals will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your unique needs. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, reach out to Leora Behavioral Health today.

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